Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)

In general, Chemical Health Risk Assessment will look into the management of chemicals hazardous to health, including the chemical register, MSDS/ CSDS/, usage, frequency, hazard rating, etc.

Chemical Health Risk Assessment is mandatory to be conducted every 5 years by a registered Hygiene Technician, gazette under OSH – USECHH Regulations 2000. Completing this exercise, the assessor for Chemical Health Risk Assessmentwould detail out his findings and recommendation where clients will be advised on their next course of action.

The Chemical Health Risk Assessmenthas the following objectives:

  • To identify the hazards to health posed by each chemical substance used, stored, handled or transported within the place of work.
  • To evaluate the degree of exposure of employees to the chemical hazardous to health, either through inhalation, skin absorption or ingestion
  • To evaluate the adequacy of existing control measures
  • To conclude on the significance of the health risk posed by the chemicals hazardous to health
  • To recommend further appropriate control measures to prevent or reduce risk.
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